Re: [PATCH RFC] Add BPF AsmParser support in LLVM

Yonghong Song

Hi, Jiong,

The patch looks great! I tested with a few bpf programs from
kernel:samples/bpf/ directory.
Your test case with verifier like input looks good. I will have a few
suggestions later.

I tested with compiler generated asm as well with both big endian and
little endian.
. clang generate .ll
. llc generate .asm
. llvm-mc generate .o
. llvm-objdump disassembles.
It works fine except in one case:

For ld_imm64, we have:
class LD_IMM64<bits<4> Pseudo, string OpcodeStr>
: InstBPF<(outs GPR:$dst), (ins u64imm:$imm),
"$dst "#OpcodeStr#" ${imm}ll",
[(set GPR:$dst, (i64 imm:$imm))]>

In reality, the map it tries to access will not be constant, so
the current assembler prints like:
r1 = <MCOperand Expr:(tx_port)>ll

The assembler does not like this and this insn is ignored.
If I change the above to
r1 = tx_port ll
as expressed in the test case, the code will be generated properly with
relocation record.

I guess, we may need to add something like LD_VAR_ADDR so that
the proper assembly code can be issued. Also we could drop "ll" with
"r1 = tx_port"?

Back to your test case bpf-insn-unit.s, you do not need add bpf in the file name
since it is already under BPF directory.

r0 = *(u16 *)skb[2] // BPF_LD | BPF_ABS | BPF_H
r0 = * (u32*)skb[4] // BPF_LD | BPF_ABS | BPF_W
could you add BPF_B test as well?

r0 = * (u16 *)skb[r1] // BPF_LD | BPF_IND | BPF_H
r0 = *(u32 *)skb[r2] // BPF_LD | BPF_IND | BPF_W
BPF_B test?

r1 = 8589934591 ll // BPF_LD | BPF_DW | BPF_IMM
r1 = dummy_map ll // Symbolic version
// ======== BPF_LDX Class ========
r5 = *(u8 *)(r0 + 0) // BPF_LDX | BPF_B
r6 = *(u16 *)(r1 + 8) // BPF_LDX | BPF_H
r7 = *(u32 *)(r2 + 16) // BPF_LDX | BPF_W
r8 = *(u64 *)(r3 - 30) // BPF_LDX | BPF_DW

// ======== TODO: BPF_ST Class =======
There is no insn here, you can remove this line for now.
// ======== BPF_STX Class ========
*(u8 *)(r0 + 0) = r7 // BPF_STX | BPF_B
*(u16 *)(r1 + 8) = r8 // BPF_STX | BPF_H
*(u32 *)(r2 + 16) = r9 // BPF_STX | BPF_W
*(u64 *)(r3 - 30) = r10 // BPF_STX | BPF_DW

lock *(u32 *)(r2 + 16) += r9 // BPF_STX | BPF_W | BPF_XADD
lock *(u64 *)(r3 - 30) += r10 // BPF_STX | BPF_DW | BPF_XADD

// ======== BPF_JMP Class ========
goto Llabel0 // BPF_JA
if r0 == r1 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JEQ
if r1 > r2 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JGT
if r2 >= r3 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JGE
there is no BPF_JSET, you can remove this.
if r3 != r4 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JNE
if r4 s> r5 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JSGT
if r5 s>= r6 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JSGE
call 1 // BPF_CALL
exit // BPF_EXIT
if r6 < r7 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JLT
if r7 <= r8 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JLE
if r8 s< r9 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JSLT
if r9 s<= r10 goto Llabel0 // BPF_JSLE

Could you add test compare register vs. imm?
// ======== BPF_ALU64 Class ========
r0 += r1 // BPF_ADD
r1 -= r2 // BPF_SUB
r2 *= r3 // BPF_MUL
r3 /= r4 // BPF_DIV
r4 |= r5 // BPF_OR
r5 &= r6 // BPF_AND
r6 <<= r7 // BPF_LSH
r7 >>= r8 // BPF_RSH
There is no BPF_NEG/MOD yet, you can remove these two lines.
r8 ^= r9 // BPF_XOR
r9 = r10 // BPF_MOV
r10 s>>= r0 // BPF_ARSH
Could you add arith operations with register and imm. operands?
bswap16 r1 // BPF_END | BPF_TO_BE
bswap32 r2 // BPF_END | BPF_TO_BE
bswap64 r3 // BPF_END | BPF_TO_BE
There is no BPF_TO_LE yet, you can remove this line.
Could you interleave the CHECK results with insn? This will be
clearer to do manual comparison.

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 1:43 AM, Jiong Wang via iovisor-dev
<iovisor-dev@...> wrote:

As discussed at threads:

This patch adds the initial BPF AsmParser support in LLVM.

This support is following the "verifier instruction format" which is

Things need to mention are:

1. LLVM AsmParser doesn't expect the character "*" to be used as the
of a statement while BPF "verifier instruction format" is. So an new
generic method "starIsStartOfStatement" is introduced.

2. As the MC assembler is sharing code infrastructure with disassembler,
current supported instruction format is *strictly* those registered
instruction information .td files. For example, the parser doesn't
acccept "*(u8 *)(r0) = r7", instead, you need to write
"*(u8 *)(r0 + 0) = r7". The offset is mandatory, even when it is
The instruction information .td files may need to register customized
ParserMethods to allow more flexible syntaxes.

The testcase bpf-insn-unit.s contains unit tests for supported syntaxes.

Comments? Does the current accepted syntaxes look OK?

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