Re: [PATCH RFC 3/4] New 32-bit register set

Jiong Wang

On 19/09/2017 07:44, Y Song wrote:
Hi, Jiong,

Thanks for the patch! It is a great start to support 32bit register in BPF.
In the past, I have studied a little bit to see whether 32bit register
support may reduce
the number of unnecessary shifts on x86_64 and improve the
performance. Looking through
a few bpf programs and it looks like the opportunity is not great, but
still nice to have if we
have this capability. As you mentioned, this definitely helped 32bit

I am not an expert in LLVM tablegen. I briefly looked through the code
change and it looks like
correct. Hopefully some llvm-dev tablegen experts can comment on the

Below I only have a couple of minor comments.
Yong Hong,

  Thanks for the review.

  I have addressed your comments and attached the updated patch.

  Do you want me to put this patch set on to llvm review website? I guess it is the
  formal review channel?


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