IO Visor @OpenStack Summit Tokyo Collaboration Day

Valentina Alaria <vale@...>

IO Visor project got three 40 minutes slots at the upcoming Collaboration Day at the OS Summit in Tokyo, Japan at the end of the month (Thursday 10/29).

If you (or your company) are attending and are interested in participating and presenting (or co-presenting) please let me know ASAP as we have to submit abstracts and speakers by tomorrow COB.

We have identified the following topics for the three slots (but please feel free to send feedback/idea in):
Slot 1: IO Visor Project Introduction and BPF architecture
Slot 2: IO Visor and Tracing: Use Cases and Applications
Slot 3: IO Visor and Networking: Use Cases and Applications

As said those are 40 minutes slot so they are good for up to 2 presenters and you can certainly include a live demo (much appreciated by the OS community).

Looking forward to hear from you.


Valentina Alaria 
Head Product & Solutions Marketing
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