Re: BCC: Dentry_path_raw() support

Yonghong Song

The function dentry_path_raw calls __dentry_path which has locks
called inside the function,
so itself or a wrapper cannot be used as the helper.

You could traverse the dentry itself in the bpf program. It may not
give all valid results since
it could a parallel update to the same data structure. But it should
be close enough.

On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 11:16 AM, Raffaele Sommese via iovisor-dev
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Hello Everybody,
I'm going to implement a storage solution based on eBPF.
I'm looking for a function that is included in linux kernel for recover the
pathname from a dentry structure.
The function is the dentry_path_raw() and it is in /fs/dcache.c
I try to import the function with #include but i notice that only the file
of "/include" folder can be imported.
So I'm looking for a wrapper for call external kernel function in eBPF, can
you help me please?
Thank You
Best Regards
Raffaele Sommese

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