Question about IO Visor Tunnel monitor

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To IO Visor devs,


Hello, I’m Jungi Lee, student who is studying about OpenStack Cloud.

I’m operating multi-site OpenStack cloud and I thought that I need to monitor the connection between sites.

So I tried to find a way to monitor vxlan tunnels which are created and held by OpenStack neutron,

I found IO Visor BCC’s example code, “Tunnel monitor”. (

I set up the IO Visor BCC environment and tested with uploaded tunnel monitor codes successfully.

Then I tried to change the codes with my OpenStack vxlan tunnel settings to capture and show the status of vxlan tunnels, but it doesn’t work.

None of vxlan tunnels are showed by node.js based web page.

For this reason, I want to get some help if there are anyone who is using IO Visor to monitor a status of vxlan tunnels with OpenStack cloud.

Thank you for your reading.


Best wishes,

Jungi Lee

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