Re: problems with __sync_add_and_fetch in BPF code

Pablo Alvarez

Hi Daniel,

Yes. If you look at the bug report, you will see that what it actually
returns is some form of the increment. that is,

__sync_add_and_fetch(myptr, increment)

returns either increment or (increment * 2) (I am not sure which right now)

The fact that other builtins don't compile with LLVM is not too
surprising, given that it's a very restricted subset of C. The fact that
something does compile but then does not produce the promised result...
that's a little more of an issue!

Are there people on this list who have worked on the LLVM BPF compiler?
I might be willing to try to tackle fixing the bug, but I would need
some guidance...


Pablo Alvarez

On 07/18/18 09:27, Daniel Zozin wrote:
Hi Pablo,
I'm facing the same problem by compiling and running on kernel 4.15.
Calls to __sync_fetch_and_add keeps returning the same value while the
actual value has been incremented.
Also I add __sync_val_compare_and_swap to your list of primitives
generating compiling errors.

I Investigated a bit but I have no clue on how this can be fixed.


On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 1:46 PM, Pablo Alvarez via Lists.Iovisor.Org
<>> wrote:

Hi all,

A while ago, I filed a bug with LLVM about __sync_add_and_fetch as
compiled into eBPF code.

Both it and __sync_fetch_and_add fail to return the correct value of
the item being incremented, returning instead the increment (or
double the increment). This means I end up with race conditions. Has
anyone else run into this, and do you have a workaround for it?

The bug report, sadly, has not been touched by anyone else.


Pablo Alvarez

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