Fixing stack trace function names by argument introspection


Imagine I have an interpreter that runs some program in some custom language. If I were to get a stack trace, it would look like:

sys_read() [k]

These execute_fn() functions execute functions defined in my custom language. Such stack trace is not very helpful.

But I know that I can get to real function name through execute_fn() arguments. Imagine it is as simple as execute_fn(char *real_fn_name).

I know I can trace execute_fn() invocations and get to this function name through BCC/eBPF. But I would like to have tool similar to to be able to profile my programs written in my custom language.

So I need to get stack traces periodically (49 Hz say) and I need to substitute name of a function from execute_fn() to the real one from arguments.

Can you give me some pointers how to do that or if it is possible at all.
I couldn't find any example that walks stack trace. All of the examples just record them.


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