Re: Notification when an eBPF map is modified

Yonghong Song

On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 2:52 PM, Raffaele Sommese <raffysommy@...> wrote:
Okay, the htab_map_update_elem is indeed called, but you cannot trace it.
The following kernel code in kernel/bpf/syscall.c explained the reason:

/* must increment bpf_prog_active to avoid kprobe+bpf triggering from
* inside bpf map update or delete otherwise deadlocks are possible
if (map->map_type == BPF_MAP_TYPE_PERCPU_HASH ||
map->map_type == BPF_MAP_TYPE_LRU_PERCPU_HASH) {
err = bpf_percpu_hash_update(map, key, value, attr->flags);
} else if (map->map_type == BPF_MAP_TYPE_PERCPU_ARRAY) {
err = bpf_percpu_array_update(map, key, value, attr->flags);
} else if (IS_FD_ARRAY(map)) {
err = bpf_fd_array_map_update_elem(map, f.file, key, value,
} else if (map->map_type == BPF_MAP_TYPE_HASH_OF_MAPS) {
err = bpf_fd_htab_map_update_elem(map, f.file, key, value,
} else {
err = map->ops->map_update_elem(map, key, value, attr->flags);

The bpf_prog_active will prevent later kprobe for htab_map_update_elem.

How can we solve this problem then? One possible solution is as follows:
. disassemble vmlinux to find a proper place in function "map_update_elem"
where you can get the "map" (struct bpf_map *map) in a register, e.g.,
the insn offset inside map_update_elem is OFFSET and this OFFSET
should be outside the above preempt/__this_cpu_{inc/dec} region.
. improve to trace function+offset. the possible format could be 'map_update_elem+OFFSET ...'
The attach_kprobe API should already support function_name + offset format.
I think that this way can be very tricky and platform depended, I have
found another solution. If I attach my bpf program to bpf_map_new_fd
with a kprobe and a kretprobe I can recover the mapping between (fd of
map-pid) and id or the name of the map (and save it). I have tested it
and it seems to work.
Then I can trace map_update_elem syscall and read the data (I'm
interested only into the key) from the userspace.
I attach the code here, it can be helpful if other people that want to
address this problem.
Thank you again for the support and for your time.
Yes, this approach should work too. I am thinking whether we could do
it with one invocation of


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