minutes: IO Visor Dev/TSC Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Hi All,

Thanks for attending today. As usual, here are my notes.

=== Discussion ===

* reviewing new queue map type
  * patch set in netdev
* new helper for getting pid, other info within namespace
* other fixes for BTF
  * working on getting debug information for jit
    * dwarf info into bytecode info
    * bytecode info into jit
    * wip

* Plumbers: netdev subtrack, bpf microconference
  * schedule not finalized, but lots of material

* Trying to use AF_XDP for OVS in userspace
  * have receive working
  * debugging issue where userspace process is oom-killed

* working on queue map feedback
  * splitting into two different types
  * next patch set expected in next couple days

BPF hackathon day before all-systems-go conference (Berlin, Sept 28-30)
* cgroup related bpf topics might be a good fit
* several folks from the call may plan to attend

* investigating way to augment elf reader to read 32 bit instructions
* llvm patchset already working
* verifier work still tbd

=== Attendees ===
Brenden Blanco
Dan Siemon
Alexei Starovoitov
Andy Gospodarek
Daniel Borkmann
Kupa Kicinski
Jesper Brouer
Joe Stringer
Maciek Machnikows..
Mauricio Vasquez
Yonghong Song
Nic Viljoen
Yifeng Sun
Brendan Gregg
Quentin Monnet

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