Re: unknown func bpf_clone_redirect#13

Daniel Borkmann

On 10/20/2018 09:03 PM, Kanthi P wrote:

Has anyone been able to use bpf_clone_redirect method to clone the packet
and forward to different interface?

I used these programs and they work for bpf_redirect.
Now I am trying to modify these to use bpf_clone_redirect, but when I run
the program I get "unknown func bpf_clone_redirect#13" error.

- return bpf_redirect(*ifindex, 0);
+ return bpf_clone_redirect(data, *ifindex, 0);

I see bpf_clone_redirect in bpf.h, not sure what is that I am missing.

Can someone please help figure it out?
They only work for tc/BPF program types as they are based on sk_buff and not xdp_buff.


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