Plans for libbpf packaging for distros?

Jesper Dangaard Brouer

Hi Jakub, Laura and Jiri Olsa (Cc others),

Subj: iovisor-dev] minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting
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On Wed, 31 Oct 2018 14:30:25 -0700 "Brenden Blanco" <bblanco@...> wrote:
* working on getting libbpf packaged separately and released by distros
* FB has external mirror
I noticed from the iovisor-dev minutes that you have plans for
packaging libbpf from the kernel tree. And via that I noticed the
github repo, created by Yonghong Song.

I'm uncertain if it makes sense to maintain this library outside the
kernel git tree?!?

To be honest, I have very little knowledge about building RPMs and
other packages formats. I just wanted to point out that RHEL and
Fedora is now shipping bpftool, which also part of kernel git tree.

(Now I need input from Jiri Olsa and Laura to correct below statements:)

AFAIK bpftool RPM-package[1] is part of the "Source Package"
kernel-tools, which AFAIK gets build directly from the distro kernel
git tree via kernel.spec file. This also happens for perf
RPM-package[2] see section "Source Package" also point to kernel-tools.

So, my question is, can we ship/package libbpf in the same way?

Notice, that an increasing number of tools are linking/using libbpf,
e.g. perf, bpftool, Suricata, (selftests and samples/bpf).

Best regards,
Jesper Dangaard Brouer
MSc.CS, Principal Kernel Engineer at Red Hat

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