Re: minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Jiong Wang

On 24/01/2019 02:33, Brenden Blanco wrote:
* respin jmp32 patch set - v2
- implementation in working state
- isa for subregister looking good
- codegen giving smaller results (num of instructions)
- will resend patch set after fixing test failure
Finished re-spin and rebased on top of latest bpf-next.

My set will potentially conflict with the following three other bpf-next
pending patches/sets on selftests Makefile and test_verifier.c:
- Stanislav's LLVM_READELF change on Makefile.
- Alexei's spin_lock change on test_verifier.c.
- Jakub's test_verifier.c refactor on test_verifier.c.

The conflict should be easy to resolve. For test_verifier.c, my set just
adds new tests at the end of the test array. I will send out v3 shortly.


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