Re: XDP Offloading

Andrew Gospodarek

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 08:50:52AM -0800, mdimolianis@... wrote:
Hi all,
I am wondering except for Netronome Cards if there are any other NICs that support XDP Offloading?
Thank you in advance!
Many of the ARM-based SmartNICs[1] allow users to download and execute
code on the cards themselves to save the server cores from being used
for excuting the XDP programs.

The Broadcom Stingray/PS225[2] is one of those cards.

This is possible as the NIC cards themselves are also running full Linux
distros with console access so you can treat it as a server inside your

1. I define a SmartNIC NIC where control and dataplane traffic can be
offload from server cores to a NIC with general purpose ARM cores
running Linux.


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