Re: math between pkt pointer and register with unbounded min value is not allowed #verifier

Jiong Wang

Yonghong Song writes:

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 7:08 AM <contact@...> wrote:

I'm playing with bcc to prototype an UDP load balancer.

I'm facing an issue that I didn't succeed to understand...

In my code I tried to validate my UDP packet using code like this :

struct udphdr *udp;
udp = iph + 1;
if (udp + 1 > data_end)
return XDP_DROP;
__u16 udp_len = bpf_ntohs(udp->len);
//__u16 udp_len = 8;
if (udp_len < 8)
return XDP_DROP;
if (udp_len > 512) // TODO use a more approriate max value
return XDP_DROP;
if ((void *) udp + udp_len > data_end)
return XDP_DROP;

And the verifier does not like it ..
This is caused by compiler optimizations.

28: (71) r2 = *(u8 *)(r7 +23)
29: (b7) r0 = 2
30: (55) if r2 != 0x11 goto pc+334
R0=inv2 R1=pkt_end(id=0,off=0,imm=0) R2=inv17 R3=inv5 R6=ctx(id=0,off=0,imm=0) R7=pkt(id=0,off=0,r=34,imm=0) R8=pkt(id=0,off=34,r=34,imm=0) R9=pkt(id=0,off=14,r=34,imm=0) R10=fp0,call_-1
31: (bf) r2 = r8
32: (07) r2 += 8
33: (b7) r0 = 1
34: (2d) if r2 > r1 goto pc+330
R0=inv1 R1=pkt_end(id=0,off=0,imm=0) R2=pkt(id=0,off=42,r=42,imm=0) R3=inv5 R6=ctx(id=0,off=0,imm=0) R7=pkt(id=0,off=0,r=42,imm=0) R8=pkt(id=0,off=34,r=42,imm=0) R9=pkt(id=0,off=14,r=42,imm=0) R10=fp0,call_-1
35: (69) r3 = *(u16 *)(r7 +38)
36: (dc) r3 = be16 r3
r3 get the value from memory, its value could be any one as permitted
by the type.

37: (bf) r2 = r3
38: (07) r2 += -8
39: (57) r2 &= 65535
40: (b7) r0 = 1
41: (25) if r2 > 0x1f8 goto pc+323
test is done by r2. We indeed get better range for r2 (below:
R2=inv(id=0,umax_value=504,var_off=(0x0; 0x1ff)) )
but r3 range is not tightened.
I had run into similar issue when debugging some other rejection before
JMP32 introduced when LLVM was generating similar sequences under defult
64-bit mode, but IIRC LLVM generates betweer sequences with -mattr=alu32,
under which it will just use w3 (as the type should be optimized into
32-bit) for the comparison.

So, I guess this testcase could have easier sequence for verifier under
ALU32 mode. But for this case, BPF_END is used which doesn't have
sub-register code-gen support inside LLVM for be16 and be32 at the moment
(noticed this several days ago when doing some other benchmarking).

If I have .i file, I could do a quick prototype to see if ALU32 could
improve this.


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