Re: math between pkt pointer and register with unbounded min value is not allowed #verifier


35: (69) r3 = *(u16 *)(r7 +38)
36: (dc) r3 = be16 r3
r3 get the value from memory, its value could be any one as permitted
by the type.

Does it mean that r3 is considered as be16 ? I do not understand why as I explicitly convert it in u16.

This output language is a readable format of bpf bytecode, right ? Is there any documentation to lean/understand it ? 

The compiler does the right thing, just verifier is not advanced enough.
Is it worthy to share this issue of verifier.c with bpf maintainers ? The compiler which is used here is clang which is called by bcc, right ?

Yes, you will need some source workaround. You could try below (untested):
+ udp_len = udp_len & 0x1ff;

I tested it and it seems to work. Thx a lot !!

But that means I can not use the u16 max value ?

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