Re: R? min value is negative, either use unsigned or 'var &= const' #verifier


Thx a lot again for your time and your detailed explanation.

About the workaround you proposed, I didn't get where I should repeat __u16 udp_len = bpf_ntohs(udp->len);.. I tried several spot but didn't succeed to make it works.
By the way repeat it, means probably shifting byte again ... so I pretty sure I didn't  get well what you mean :/ ... Did you succeed to make it works with this workaround ?

This is maybe a stupid question, but it seems to me that I'm not doing so exotic code here. I mean calculate a checksum with XDP and I fall in not so easy "issues". Is there something I do which is totally wrong or uncommon ?

I will take a look at SCALAR_VALUE issue later on.But if you or anybody has cycles and want to look into this issue,feel free to do so.
I didn't have enough skill to do that, I'm not even sure to understand what "spill/reload" means ?

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