Re: how to make redirect_map work?

Forrest Chen

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 05:40 AM, Mauricio Vasquez wrote:

You're using veth interfaces, in this case you have to attach the program in SKB mode, to do it set flags = 1 << 1.


Why should I attach xdp in SKB mode when using veth interface, is there any docs for that? Is it because I use DEVMAP?
In my test, I can attach my xdp program in driver mode using veth and just works as my expect when I just return XDP_DROP or XDP_PASS.
My kerner version is "5.0.0-15"(ubuntu/disco64) which support veth xdp in driver mode.

And when I test my program in SKB mode, the connection also can't be built.

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