Re: how to make redirect_map work?

Mauricio Vasquez

On 5/30/19 9:25 PM, forrest0579@... wrote:
On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 05:40 AM, Mauricio Vasquez wrote:

You're using veth interfaces, in this case you have to attach the program in SKB mode, to do it set flags = 1 << 1.


Why should I attach xdp in SKB mode when using veth interface, is there any docs for that? Is it because I use DEVMAP?
In my test, I can attach my xdp program in driver mode using veth and just works as my expect when I just return XDP_DROP or XDP_PASS.
My kerner version is "5.0.0-15"(ubuntu/disco64) which support veth xdp in driver mode.

And when I test my program in SKB mode, the connection also can't be built.

I am sorry, I was not clear enough. If you attach the program in SKB mode you won't need to attach any XDP program on vbox1 and vbox2, on the other hand, if you use DRV mode you need to have an XDP pass program attached to vbox1 and vbox2 (as indicated by Toshiaki Makita).


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