Performance of veth XDP

Forrest Chen

In I have built up an environment to make veth+XDP work.
There're some question when I do some performance test

When I do a performance test using iperf, I found that the test result with xdp is nearly the same as without xdp. I guess maybe it is because in xdp I have to turn off de tx offload. So my question is why the xdp would affect the veth tx offload?

When I test using netperf with TCP_CRR type, I find that after some connection test, the test will be blocked. After debug with tcpdump & netstat, I find that the last connection in client-side enter into FIN_WAIT2 state, the tcpdump result for normal and abnormal connection show in gist. Every normal connection has 10 records but the blocked abnormal connection has only 8 records. And the sequence of the first 8 records is different. I have no idea why this would happen since what I do is just redirect packets. DO anyone have any ideas? 

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