Re: BCC integration into Buildroot


Have you looked at using libbpf and BPF CO-RE for such use cases? The difference is that you won't have any additional runtime dependencies (no Clang/LLVM, etc), which makes this more suitable for embedded applications. The main requirement for running BPF CO-RE programs would be to compile kernel with CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF=y for BTF type information. Check out also that adds first BPF CO-RE converted tool to BCC. See few links below for more details.

Unfortunately, no; I have not used libbpf directly but I was thinking of doing it.

My goal for having BCC integrated into buildroot is is that embedded systems are not so limited as they were before. THis brings the following advantages : 
- We can reuse BCC scripts made for desktops and run them on embedded devices. BCC can fit smoothly to provide us with a clear, easy simple and ease script maintenance (easy even for non C developers who can understand quickly).
- Having python parsing returned results opens a bunch of endless possibilities like drawing graphs, saving to a remote database or even hand it them to an IA engine to understand system's behaviour over time (without having to develop another application for that).

People used SystemTap in the past for some embedded systems, some others are using LTTng for debugging. So why not BCC (though, It's right that we need more space compared to hard coded ebpf).

Thanks for your response, I'm going to try it out.


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