Questions about current eBPF usages

Jiada Tu

Hello BPF community,

I am looking for a way to move a user space program's disk I/O scheduling related logic down to kernel space, and then have the new kernel logic communicate with the user space program to make better I/O scheduling decisions. The reason that the user space program itself has I/O scheduling logic is because it needs to prioritize certain read or write requests.

I started looking at eBPF for that purpose. After doing some research, I learned that eBPF is very good at kernel profiling and tracing, but I didn't find much information about modifying kernel functions / data-structure using eBPF.

I am wondering:

1. Instead of calling eBPF function before / after calling a kernel function and then returning back to that kernel function, is it possible for eBPF programs to totally replace a kernel function or module logic?

2. Is it possible for eBPF programs to tamper the parameter and return value of a kernel function, or eBPF program can only read kernel data-structure but can not modify them? (some search indicates that it can not few years ago, but I am not sure if it is changed recently)

Thank you!

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