Questions about samples/bpf/sockex3_user.c


Hello iovisor friends,

I found that there seems to be a problem in the eBPF sample source code of the Linux kernel samples/bpf/sockex3_user.c. This program contains the following code:

printf("%s.%05d -> %s.%05d %12lld %12lld",
                   inet_ntoa((struct in_addr){htonl(next_key.src)}),
                   inet_ntoa((struct in_addr){htonl(next_key.dst)}),
                   value.bytes, value.packets);
the "port16[0]" is the source port and the "port16[1]" is the destination port.
I found that "ports" was obtained in the following way when I view the samples/bpf/sockex3_kern.c:

g->flow.ports = load_word(skb, nhoff);

The byte order of my host is Little-Endian. In this case, port[1] should be the source port, while port[0] is the destination port.I tested this on my machine. Is this an error in this example?I hope I can get your answers and help.

Thank you,

Siyao Zhou

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