Re: bpf_trace_printk

Daniel Borkmann

On 11/12/2015 12:14 AM, O Mahony, Billy wrote:
One thing I notice is that immediately after I assign ip addrs to the endpoints of the veth pair I see several log messages:

<idle>-0 [000] .Ns. 73082.699758: : meep
ksoftirqd/0-3 [000] ..s. 73082.699828: : meep
<idle>-0 [000] ..s. 73082.960638: : meep
kworker/0:2-4011 [000] ..s. 73083.146783: : meep
kworker/0:2-4011 [000] ..s1 73083.346750: : meep
<idle>-0 [000] ..s. 73083.368876: : meep
kworker/0:2-4011 [000] ..s. 73084.146130: : meep
kworker/0:2-4011 [000] ..s. 73084.146238: : meep

But thereafter when I ping either of the assigned addresses I don't see any further invocations of the log message. I was expecting it to be called for each eth frame received by the either of the interfaces.
Ahh, they're not being moved into different netns'es in your
given setup, right? So, maybe try ping with -I on the peer?

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