Re: Three audiences

Brendan Gregg

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 1:51 PM, Brendan Gregg <brendan.d.gregg@...> wrote:
As discussed on the call, here's who I think are the three audiences for bcc/BPF tracing:

A) Kernel hackers (~100): who would like the language to be easier, better errors, docs, etc.
B) Sysadmins/operators/senior devs (~5k): who will use the existing bcc tools (and edit some).
C) Everyone else (>50k): via dashboards/GUIs.

I'm pretty happy with where the toolset is for audience B. There's a few more tools I'd like to add (TCP internals and buffering, disk I/O internals), but a lot can be done now.

Audience A might be served by something like ply, or partially served by Sasha's multi-tools.

I missed a possibility for A: SystemTap with a BPF backend (there were emails about this on lkml a while ago).

Suchakra replied with other tools as well (thanks).


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