minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Hi All,

Thanks for joining the meeting today. Here are the notes!

=== Conferences ===

Reminder: CFP for Linux Plumbers
Please submit a topic for the Tracing Microconference!

=== Technical Updates ===
Doing some code cleanups for BCC
 - The goal will be to have cmake option flags so users of our api can pick the
 functionality desired (e.g. no clang for smaller footprint).
 - To start with, split libbpf into its own lib (just static for now, standalone
 dynamic to shipped when ready)
 - Expect source code/directory shuffling

  - improve native netlink support
  - add elf format support

 Why is this work important? Other libraries seem to be stalled, have
  incompatible licenses, or are entwined in their surrounding project.
  kernel: samples/bpf, libbpf

Usage of unicode/ascii strings in bcc tools has a PR pending, feedback from
pythonistas would be appreciated. The bulk of the work remains in the form of
removing encode/decode usages from the tools and testing on python3 enabled
distros. Word on the call was that fedora is starting to package bcc with
python3 as the default. Please file issues as found.

Sidenote: usdt probes now available in python3.6 

- Stack reduction changes done
- Moving along with function call changes
- Q: How to understand capability in llvm+bcc? (will figure this out

- Feature bits for exposing hash data to xdp programs
 moving along, no rush
- Working on xdp redirect
 help from Andy G?


Alexander Duyck
Alexei Starovoitov
Andy Gospodarek
Bilal Anwer
Brenden Blanco
Flavio Crisciani
Jakub Kicinksi
Jesper Brouer
Martin Lau
Mauricio Vasquez
Nic Viljoen

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