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Yonghong Song

On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 7:45 AM, Adel Fuchs via iovisor-dev
<iovisor-dev@...> wrote:
Hi Jesper,

Thank you so much for your help. I need to run an eBPF programs that
filters packets according to IP address or port. I'm trying to run the
prototype-kernel package but encounter problems.
I went over the "getting started" tutorial, but I couldn'f find a
tutorial which explains how to actually run the samples. So this is
what I did:

clang -O2 -Wall -target bpf -c xdp_ddos01_blacklist_cmdline.c -o
Just looked at the code. This seems a control plane application.
You should not compile with "-target bpf". You should just use the
default host one if you are intending to run on that host.
You can also use gcc here.


First, I got an error saying:
./libbpf.h:12:10: fatal error: 'bpf/bpf.h' file not found
#include <bpf/bpf.h>

So I added it manually. Then I got this big error:

fatal error: error in backend: Cannot select: 0x562f4957d270: ch,glue
= BPFISD::CALL 0x562f49581238,
TargetExternalSymbol:i64'__divdf3', Register:i64 %R1,
Register:i64 %R2, 0x562f49581238:1
0x562f49580bb8: i64 = TargetExternalSymbol'__divdf3'
0x562f4957d618: i64 = Register %R1
0x562f49581510: i64 = Register %R2
0x562f49581238: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x562f495816b0, Register:i64
%R2, 0x562f49580f60, 0x562f495816b0:1
0x562f49581510: i64 = Register %R2
0x562f49580f60: i64,ch,glue = CopyFromReg 0x562f49581578,
Register:i64 %R0, 0x562f49581578:1
0x562f4957da90: i64 = Register %R0
0x562f49581578: ch,glue = callseq_end 0x562f4957db60,
TargetConstant:i64<0>, TargetConstant:i64<0>, 0x562f4957db60:1
0x562f4957d6e8: i64 = TargetConstant<0>
0x562f4957d6e8: i64 = TargetConstant<0>
0x562f4957db60: ch,glue = BPFISD::CALL 0x562f4957d750,
TargetExternalSymbol:i64'__divdf3', Register:i64 %R1, Register:i64
%R2, 0x562f4957d750:1
0x562f49580bb8: i64 = TargetExternalSymbol'__divdf3'
0x562f4957d618: i64 = Register %R1
0x562f49581510: i64 = Register %R2
0x562f4957d750: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x562f49581648,
Register:i64 %R2, Constant:i64<4741671816366391296>, 0x562f49581648:1
0x562f49581510: i64 = Register %R2
0x562f49580ef8: i64 = Constant<4741671816366391296>
0x562f49581648: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x562f495808e0,
Register:i64 %R1, 0x562f4957d478
0x562f4957d618: i64 = Register %R1
0x562f4957d478: i64,ch,glue = CopyFromReg
0x562f49581370, Register:i64 %R0, 0x562f49581370:1
0x562f4957da90: i64 = Register %R0
0x562f49581370: ch,glue = callseq_end 0x562f49580c88,
TargetConstant:i64<0>, TargetConstant:i64<0>, 0x562f49580c88:1
0x562f4957d6e8: i64 = TargetConstant<0>
0x562f4957d6e8: i64 = TargetConstant<0>
0x562f49580c88: ch,glue = BPFISD::CALL
0x562f49581030, TargetExternalSymbol:i64'__floatundidf', Register:i64
%R1, 0x562f49581030:1

0x562f495816b0: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x562f4957dd00, Register:i64
%R1, 0x562f4957dd68
0x562f4957d618: i64 = Register %R1
0x562f4957dd68: i64,ch,glue = CopyFromReg 0x562f4957d7b8,
Register:i64 %R0, 0x562f4957d7b8:1
0x562f4957da90: i64 = Register %R0
0x562f4957d7b8: ch,glue = callseq_end 0x562f49580e28,
TargetConstant:i64<0>, TargetConstant:i64<0>, 0x562f49580e28:1
0x562f4957d6e8: i64 = TargetConstant<0>
0x562f4957d6e8: i64 = TargetConstant<0>
0x562f49580e28: ch,glue = BPFISD::CALL 0x562f4957da28,
TargetExternalSymbol:i64'__floatundidf', Register:i64 %R1,
0x562f4957d410: i64 = TargetExternalSymbol'__floatundidf'
0x562f4957d618: i64 = Register %R1
0x562f4957da28: ch,glue = CopyToReg 0x562f49580e90,
Register:i64 %R1, 0x562f4957d680
0x562f4957d618: i64 = Register %R1
0x562f4957d680: i64 = sub 0x562f49580a80, 0x562f49580dc0
0x562f49580a80: i64,ch = CopyFromReg 0x562f494f79b0,
Register:i64 %vreg50
0x562f49581718: i64 = Register %vreg50
0x562f49580dc0: i64,ch = CopyFromReg 0x562f494f79b0,
Register:i64 %vreg48
0x562f49581440: i64 = Register %vreg48
In function: main
clang: error: clang frontend command failed with exit code 70 (use -v
to see invocation)
clang version 4.0.0-1ubuntu1 (tags/RELEASE_400/rc1)
Target: bpf
Thread model: posix
InstalledDir: /usr/bin
clang: note: diagnostic msg: PLEASE submit a bug report to and include the crash backtrace, preprocessed
source, and associated run script.
clang: note: diagnostic msg:

Preprocessed source(s) and associated run script(s) are located at:
clang: note: diagnostic msg: /tmp/xdp_ddos01_blacklist_cmdline-80c621.c
clang: note: diagnostic msg: /tmp/
clang: note: diagnostic msg:


Could you please help me run these samples? Could you please guide me
to the right sample that I need and tell me how to run it?
Note that I was able to run a simple XDP program on this computer, so
I think that it is configured all right...

Thanks a lot

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