minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Call

Brenden Blanco

Thanks all for attending the meeting this week, here are the notes.

Status updates:
John F:
Working on xdp redirect feature
- should be published in the next couple days
- redirect map type filled with indexes
- performance: tx vs redirect comparable
2 new op calls (redirect and flush)

- verifier fixes
- cls_bpf helper for expanding l3 header (ip options)

- continued internal work on bpffs for bcc
- more code cleanup
thoughts on feature: filling packet hash from xdp
- use case: custom rps criteria, or rps for drivers without ntuple support
(generic xdp, virtio)
suggestion: use same function signature as cls_bpf skb set hash

Velocity conf:
Sasha gave a tutorial
Brendan gave a "marketing" talk

Andy Gospodarek
Brendan Gregg
Brenden Blanco
Daniel Borkmann
Edwin Peer
Jakub Kicinski
John Fastabend
Marco Leogrande
Martin Lau
Suchakra Sharma

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