Backporting ebpf



I just integrated changes from this commit for Kernel version 3.15


into Kernel version  3.10.0-514.21.1 that’s what Centos 7 uses out of the box.

Besides changes on a couple of drivers  most of the changes are isolated.

I’ll try to compile bcc in Centos 7 to test these  features:


AF_PACKET (libpcap/tcpdump, cls_bpf classifier, netfilter's xt_bpf, team driver's load-balancing mode…)


Kernel helpers


Are there any bcc tools in the old folder  to test these ?


Maybe is a lost of time backporting ebpf and the sane thing to do is just to use the newer kernels, but at least this helps to get familiar with the code.


The current code is in this GitHub repo




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