Updates and Meeting Minutes from TSC+Developer bi-weekly (2015/9/30)

Brenden Blanco <bblanco@...>

Hello iovisor-dev,

Today was the biweekly IOVisor TSC/Dev call, for which the meeting
minutes are included below.

We primarily covered status for the previous two weeks.

=== Meetups ===

On 2015/9/21, Huawei hosted an IOVisor Meetup through
- Presenters: Pere Monclus, Brenden Blanco, Brendan Gregg, Jianwen Pi
- Great attendance (~100 people), interesting questions and interactive

Possible meetup next month hosted by Cisco, stay tuned

=== Blog posts ===

Brendan Gregg
"bcc: Taming Linux 4.3+ Tracing Superpowers"
Interesting discussion on hackernews related to this: systemtap vs dtrace
vs bcc

Suchakra Sharma
"Linux Networking, Tracing and IO Visor, a New Systems Performance Tool for
a Distributed World"

=== Code changes ===

- from Mihai Budiu: Initial P4->eBPF (BCC) compiler
- from Brendan Gregg: Many tracing tools updates from Brendan Gregg,
showcased at meetup
- biolatency, funclatency, tcpv4connect, opensnoop, killsnoop
- from Brenden Blanco: Tracing bugfixes and enhancements
- nested probe reads, built in histogram support
- ability to consume perf events in python
- from Suchakra Sharma: Kprobe features, bugfixes, and documentation

- various bugfixes for eBPF backend

=== GBP Efforts ===
Keith is Working with Huawei to merge code to improve the renderer, once
this merges will ease the GBP<->IOVisor implementation detailed last

Plan to start coding prototypes this week, with working json examples
provided to the team for lower level work to build off of.

=== Additional discussion topics ===

Keith suggested that we create a top-level page on github.com/iovisor,
contents to be a wiki page, news, updates, etc.