minutes: IO Visor TSC and Dev Members Call

Brenden Blanco <bblanco@...>

Hi All,

Thanks for joining the call today, below you may find my notes.

Upcoming conference info:

netdev - Japan - early October
Alexei, Daniel B, Jesper voiced their ack that they would attend

Plumbers - Santa Fe - early November
Alexei - to submit talk on BPF+LSM
Brenden - to submit talk on llvm rewrite

cgroups patch status:
 establishes a model for how bpf to be attached to cgroup
 nice basis for later lsm work
 - no controversial issues came up on list
 - where to put egress hooks?
 - for security, would need no-new-priv type of flag, which children
   cannot overwrite
 - current model would eventually work for instance for Sargun's use

llvm ir rewrite concept
 - backend has lost information for some types of checks
  - often as difficult as in-kernel verifier
  - meaning earlier llvm pass would be useful
 - serves as learning exercise to add features like better debug
 - con: passes cannot return as clean an error message as rewriter
 - more likely to be upstreamable, plugin module
 - ai: will continue effort, medium priority research project

python core team talking about adding usdt probes, cool!

Brenden Blanco
Alban Crequy
Jesper Brouer
Daniel Borkmann
William Tu
Alexei Starovoitov
Keith Burns
Daniel Mack
Brendan Gregg