minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Hi all,

Thanks for attending the call today. Here are my notes. Also, please be advised
that we will be moving to a 30 min time slot going forward.

=== Status ===

- Added source debugging printer for bcc
- Requires 6.0 (possible but needs volunteers to backport to 5.0)
- Permit multiple programs to attach to single tracepoint/probe
- Uses ast's prog array for cgroups style attachment
- Validating arm64 support
- May help with arm32 support too

- Still working on calling routines (6 months and counting)
- Big changes in verifier

- cpumap type available with xdp redirect

- Metadata->skb landed
- Other drivers to come
- Integrating xdp support into cilium

- Fixes for sockmap
- Adding support for ingress flags

To-do list @ github.com/iovisor/bcc/issues/574 has been updated
- stringmap and bounded loops are important
- network protocol parsing - lots of looping requirements
- http2, etc.

Panagiotis (elasticcloud)
- Interested in security (networking/sandboxing)
- hitting limitations of seccomp-bpf and no pointer dereferences
- is aware of landlock, to be looked into
- should address needs

- Close to adding bcm xdp_redirect suppport

=== Attendees ===
Brenden Blanco
Marco Leogrande
Quentin Monnet
Jakub Kicinski
Mauricio Vasquez
Alexander Duyck
Yonghong Song
Alexei Starovoitov
Andy Gospodarek
Panagiotis Moustafellos
Jesper Brouer
Nic Viljoen
Daniel Borkmann