minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Hi All,

Thanks for joining the call today. As usual, here are my notes.

=== Status ===

- Bug fixes
- Python 2/3 becoming default
  - Tools need some fixes
  - Brenden has some patches in a branch to address this

- Fixes for sockmap
  - socket cleanup wasn't working correctly
- AF_XDP socket work

- Bug fixes
- X86 jit fixes

- new feature work: Connecting to raw tracepoint, w/ arguments

- Merged suricata bpf support to upstream
  - Expected to work with 4.16
  - some fixes incoming for bpf tree
- Some work on AF_XDP planned
  - splitting up patches

- Socket lookup from bpf
  - native socket pointer type in bpf
  - reference counting passed back to bpf program
    - verifier confirms alloc==free
  - more info soon

=== Attendees ===
Andy Gospodarek
Brenden Blanco
Jakub Kicinski
Alexei Starovoitov
Logan Blyth
Marco Leogrande
Quentin Monnet
Daniel Borkmann
Jiong Wang
Ram Kumar
Edwin Peer
Jesper Brouer
Yonghong Song
Mauricio Vasquez
John Fastabend
PJ Waskiewicz
Joe Stringer
Alexander Duyck
Brendan Gregg