BPF hackfest in Berlin, Sept 26th-27th (just before ASG! conf)

Alban Crequy


We will have a BPF hackfest in Berlin on September 26th and 27th, 10am
to 5pm in the Kinvolk office. This is just before the All Systems Go!
conference (https://all-systems-go.io/), so there will be BPF
enthusiasts traveling to Berlin: there were quite a few talks about
eBPF last year and this year will be the same. That said, the BPF
hackfest is not directly associated with ASG! and attendance to that
is not required.

There will be informal work and discussions without prepared talks. It
should be a chance to get to know others from the BPF community

If you plan to come, please register in advance with your email:

We will use the emails to send updates a few days before the hackfest.
If you have further questions to ask, please cc events@....