Does bpf_redirect_map support redirect packet to bridge device or veth which master is a bridge?

Forrest Chen

Hi all,

I attach an XDP prog(SKB mode) to host net device(enp0s9) and the prog will redirect packet to veth device.
If there's only veth device, I can redirect packet into netns through veth device in host, but if the veth device is attached in a bridge device, the redirect will fail(bpf_redirect_map return XDP_REDIRECT but no packet found in netns).

My sample code is here
The network topo shows below
note1: that if a remove br1, I can redirect successfully. 
note2: currently our k8s network mode has bridge device to forword packet. If bridge will make xdp not work, I have to consider to eliminate the bridge.
note3: I have test this sample in both 4.18 and 5.0.0, both of them failed.