about kprobe/kretprobe matching



I'm trying to access the packet content in tcp_transmit_skb using eBPF/BCC.
I definedĀ kprobe____tcp_transmit_skb/kretprobe____tcp_transmit_skb functions.
Since in kretprobe we cannot access the function arguments (I'm not sure), I stored skb(struct sk_buff *) in kprobe____tcp_transmit_skb by using the pid as the key.

u64 pid = bpf_get_current_pid_tgid();
curr_skb.update(&pid, &skb);

However, the issue is that tcp_transmit_skb function can be called multiple times before kretprobe____tcp_transmit_skb is executed with the same pid.
So I cannot correctly match between kprobe____tcp_transmit_skb and kretprobe____tcp_transmit_skb functions for the same skb.
Is there any good way to match between kprobe and kretprobe for the same function call?
Or is there any method that I can access the function arguments in kretprobe?