IOVisor TSC/Dev Meeting Minutes 2015-11-25

Brenden Blanco <bblanco@...>

Hi All, here are the (belated due to holidays) meeting minutes for last week.

=== Attendees ===

Affan Syed
Brendan Gregg
Brenden Blanco
Daniel Borkmann
Jianwen Pi
Keith Burns
Luis Rodriguez
Mihai Budiu
Pere Monclus
Rich Lane
Yonghong Song

=== Discussion ===

We had a lively discussion about IO Modules. The thesis so far is that the definition of an IO Module has not yet been clearly specified, and eBPF itself is too flexible and too open (many hook points, many use cases with different inputs, etc.) to the point that it is difficult to conceptualize the notion of a module. Simple tools such as the storage monitoring examples are okay and self contained. But a chain of IO modules that interacts i) between themselves, ii) with linux kernel components, will be difficult until we close the definition and remove some of the flexibility.

AI: Brenden
 - create a proposal of 'net interface' and 'io module' to discuss within the mailing list
 note: for now defocus some on performance, e.g. no high rate CP<->DP interaction

The idea will be to build up the initial concepts around the GBP use case.

Also, so far there is a concept of a host local module manager, comparable to libvirtd to networking, which holds the running modules and their relationship/connectivity to each other. A developer from PG with some spare cycles has been prototyping a GUI that would one day go on top of this rest API, which was demoed during this meeting. The code for this should go up on github before the next meeting.

=== Summary of previous month activities ===

Since the last meeting, IOVisor participated in several conferences:

OpenStack Tokyo
 - 2 hour discussion/tutorial
 - NFV architecture overview from PoV of Huawei
 - demo of Mesos+docker/libnetwork+iovisor integration

 - several panels
 - 2 days of booth, lots of good questions

P4 Workshop
 - 15 minute intro to iovisor+P4
 - p4 + rest api + iperf demo
  AI: simple_router demo was buggy, Mihai to add bugfix

=== Code changes ===

 - p4 frontend updates from mbudiu
 - p4-demo branch is available for people to try
 - upcoming: packaging support for suse and archlinux

 new project, rest-based plugin manager for iomodules

 iovisor renderer support in progress from kburns+adetalhouet