[llvm-dev] [PATCH, BPF 1/5] BPF: Use a provisional ELF e_machine value

Jacques Pienaar <jpienaar@...>

On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 2:03 PM, Daniel Borkmann via llvm-dev <llvm-dev@...> wrote:
On 06/16/2016 10:59 PM, Richard Henderson wrote:
On 06/16/2016 12:55 PM, Daniel Borkmann wrote:
+  EM_BPF           = 0xeb9f, // Linux kernel bpf virtual machine

Great, can that be assumed the final magic e_machine number for the ELF
header that eBPF loaders can check for as well then (I do like 0xeb9f ;))?

I'm quite fond of 0xeb9f myself.  ;-)

I have sent a message to both registry@... and registry@....
We'll see if that produces a response within a reasonable time frame.  Failing
that, I'm tempted to just use 0xeb9f forever.

Yeah, sounds good!

I got a response from registry@... (registery@... forwards to there I believe). It took about 6 months to get a number assigned.