minutes: IO Visor TSC and Dev Members Call

Brenden Blanco <bblanco@...>

Hi All,

Here are the meeting minutes from yesterday. Please note the gdoc link regarding the roadmap items.

Please also encourage those you know to sign up for the iovisor-dev mailer, I know there are continually people I'm adding in cc that should be on this list!


Tom to send email on logistics for XDP summit next week (done)
24+ signed up, no more possible

Topics to discuss (agenda to come later)

APIs: tom
Ceth: yunsong
XDP implementation: brenden
Cilium: tgraf
 Network virtualization
 Netronome update on bpf on HW
 Example apps:
   ila router
   lb concepts, no demo
How to load/offload bpf programs api-wise
Ecosystem solutions

Topic owners to send proposals (to Tom?) by Friday


 main issue is not features, but usability
 lots of new users stumble on introductory stuff
  like wrong kernel version
  undocumented api (what is a program type?)
  many samples don't work, obscure errors
 ast: verifier errors to be improved
 todo: many llvm e.g. padding issues
 ast: working in xdp to change packet size
  dma issues
 faster/better string support in the kernel, e.g. filenames, cgroupv2, secmark (sp?)
 inlining of map lookups for perf optimization
 bounded loops
 32 bit subregister in llvm
 vectorization with annotations from the compiler, used for hardware offloads
 lru maps
 idr tables
 debugability: hash of bpf programs

I have added the above to:
please feel free to add thoughts there, or we can work on this document on Tuesday.

 interesting and inevitable
 bpf as optional runtime
  `-stap bpf`
 "can't implement strings/stats without bpf enhancements"
 - needs more detail, global strings?

Brendan Gregg:
 inconveniences seen so far:
  missing examples for usdt, tracepoints
  time sampling
  add llvm error checker?

Yunsong Lu
Tom Herbert
Prem Jonnalagadda
Pere Monclus
Martin Lau
Keith Burns
John Fastabend
Joe Stringer
Hannes Frederic Sowa
Deepa Kalani
Daniel Borkmann
Brenden Blanco
Brendan Gregg
Ari Saha
Alexei Starovoitov