minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Thanks all for joining the call today. As usual, here are my notes.


=== Discussion ===
* Internal discussions for BTF related work
* adding information to jit instructions
* debug annotations
* Introspection for networking
* Device walker, qdisc for finding xdp/bpf programs
* Tag release after .increment bug is fixed

* Trying to improve introspection of bpf
* Add LLVM class for emitting BTF debug info
* Possible standalone LLVM tool for converting dwarf->btf
* pahole fixes coming soon
* plan to use this tool for annotating kernel build to avoid heavy LLVM

* AFXDP patch sent last week for OVS
* Performance still lagging due to extra memcpy
* Next iteration will try zerocopy mode
* Despite kasan, still seeing death due to oom-killer
* Intel folks helping with debug

* Fixes for tcp ulp, sockmap, xdp redirect with tailcalls
* Work continues on sockmap, KTLS
* CFP is open for BPF track at Plumbers!

* KTLS and sockmap work
* BPF in KTLS working, cleaning up patches for submission
* Bounded loop work possibly to be discussed at LPC

* AFXDP zerocopy patches to be submitted when bpf-next opens
* ixgbe/i40e patches to be included, or separately through intel tree

=== Attendees ===
Brenden Blanco
Quentin Monnet
Daniel Borkmann
Kuba Kicinski
William Tu
Jiong Wang
Yifeng Sun
Yonghong Song
Bjorn Topel
Brendan Gregg
John F
Mauricio Vasquez