minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Yonghong Song

Hi, All,

Below is the today's meeting notes. Thanks for joining the meeting.
Please amend if you see any inaccurate or missing information.


==== Discussion ====

- worked and upstreamed bpftool net
- worked on BTF for function type and LLVM for BTF. The goal is to have LLVM
directly generating BTF to make it extensible (e.g., including
debug line info etc.).
- Tested AF_XDP on intel/NFP nic card. Using dpdk to generate traffic.
Baseline rx: 17Mpps, L2 forwarding: 15Mpps.
With OVS: 12Mpps, L2 forwarding: 3.7Mpps, potential implementation
overhead with OVS
- the test without intel meltdown configs to minimize perf impact.
- queue/stack map discussion on netdev. Need to sort out some API issues
- Good progress with socket lookup support and ref tracking in the
bpf programs
- local data flow optimizer as a mini library could be used by nfp or other
drivers or by verifier itself
- pass info to jit to generate better code

==== Attendees ====
Yonghong Song
Brendan Gregg
Daniel Borkmann
Jesper Brouer
Jiong Wang
Joe Stringer
Mauricio Vasquez
Quentin Monnet
William Tu