minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Hi All,

Thank you for joining us on the call today. As usual, here are the notes.


=== Discussion ===

- working on libbpf features
- working on btf support in bcc
- need to use upstream libbpf apis, in process of upstreaming/converting
- llvm support is working (9.0)

- cilium: getting static data to be updated from elf section
- allows iproute2 to fetch 32bit values from data section
- populate instructions that refer to the data at load time
- different data sizes not yet supported/tested
- would like to incorporate global data support on the kernel side

- bpf socket and tc socket patches posted
- what happens with sockets in timewait state?
- is there a usecase for such sockets? not at this moment, but still under

Discussion about allocating sockopt storage for bpf use cases

- Discussion about ipsec integration with bpf
- bpf program to compute hash key instead of setting up ipsec rules
- currently in idea phase only

- cilium ipvlan support nearing completion

- bpftrace integration/improvements making nice progress

=== Attendees ===
Brenden Blanco
Yonghong Song
Marco Leogrande
Jesper Brouer
Joe Stringer
Mauricio Vasquez
Quentin Monnet
Daniel Borkmann
Jiong Wang
Martin Lau
Brendan Gregg
John Fastabend