minutes: IO Visor TSC/Dev Meeting

Brenden Blanco

Hi all,

Thanks for dialing in to the meeting this week.

Going forward, in order to conserve everyone's time, we will be polling ahead
of time for an agenda, and foregoing the online meeting in favor of voluntary
email updates if no agenda is suggested. I will send out a reminder for an
agenda the day before this scheduled meeting if one hasn't been suggested.


=== Discussion ===

This meeting has become somewhat repetitive, and often lacks an agenda.
The discussion that focuses around status isn't too useful.
The goal of the meeting should be to discuss specific issues.
Please send issues to discuss prior to the meeting, otherwise send regular
updates (if useful) in email format.

Book is not visible online yet, waiting on publisher
Reviewers are still looking at pre-copy-edit versions

Question for kernel devs: how does the verifier handle divide by zero?
Should the book call the BPF a VM or runtime? Answer: runtime
It is also an instruction set.
Any mention of turing completeness?
... waiting for bpf runtime written in bpf :)

=== Attendees ===
Brenden Blanco
Michael Savisko
Bjorn Topel
Jesper Brouer
Jakub Kicinski
Daniel Borkmann
Jiong Wang
Alexei Starovoitov
Joe Stringer
Marco Leogrande
Martin Lau
Maciej Fijalkowski
Brendan Gregg
Dan Siemon
John F
Quentin Monnet
Richard Elling