XDP summit update

Tom Herbert <tom@...>

The XDP summit will be June 23rd 9am-5pm at Facebook in Menlo Park. I
will send out detailed logistics next week. If you are planning on
attending and have not filled out the spreadsheet please do so ASAP:


I think there are three general areas for discussion:

1) Current status and immediate blocking issues
2) What we need in next few months to get XDP ready for "beta"
3) What is needed for long term success the project

Here are the list of topics so far (in no particular order yet). If
you have any additional topics we need to discuss please let me know.
Also, let if you would like to lead any of the discussion. We will
will have a projector so we can present slides for motivating

- Meta data
- Return codes
- Portability but still allow using latest and greates HW features
Integrating encryption
Support for network virtualization
HW offload of BPF
Linux implementation status
- page pool
- driver status and issues
- performance numbers
Real world uses cases in development
- ILA router
- load balancer
- others?
XDP/Ceth integration
Ecosystem considerations
- Toolchain, debugging
- BPF programs repository management